8 Creative Ways To Use Conversation Hearts

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Ahhh...conversation hearts. For most of us, they evoke warm childhood memories of a candy that may not necessarily taste very good, but makes up for it with it's pretty pastel colors and fun sayings. Valentine's Day just isn't complete in my house until we break open at least one box of this classic candy. And over the years, we have come up with quite a few interesting uses for these little guys other than just nibbling on them. Here are some of my favorite ways to use conversation hearts:

1. To play Valentine's Day Bingo. For the printable bingo cards, click here.  

2. As inspiration or decoration for baked goods. To see more ideas, click here.

3. As topiary. For tutorial, click here.

4. As jewelry. To view the bracelet click here.

5. As a math worksheet for the kids. For the printable, click here.

6. To make a picture frame magnet. See the project here.

7. As a wreath for your door. For the tutorial, click here.

8. As a cute little gift. To see how to put it together, click here.

Please feel free to share other uses you have found for them in the comments section below!


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