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Hello! Hope everyone is having a great November so far! I promise a new post will be up within the next couple of days. To tide you over until then, I have brought some musical cheer to the Holiday Helper's page! If haven't noticed, at the top of the right hand column there is now a Spotify box with a "Play" button on it. When you press that, whatever song I have cued up at the time (right now it's Holly Jolly Christmas) will play while you browse the page! I just found out you could do this and I thought it was a pretty fun idea, so I would love some feedback to let me know if it's working properly and you all like having it there. I am not sure if you need Spotify installed to use it, since I have Spotify it definitely works fine for me. But Spotify is free and really awesome so I would recommend it anyways. I plan to change the song every few days, so check back often for new Christmas tunes!

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