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Holiday shopping can be tough with so many different people to please. From the family fashionista to the sports fanatic friend, I've got them all covered right here. So stop stressing over that trip to the mall and let The Holiday Helper do the work for you!

The Kids (or kids at heart)
In a world of Leggos and Barbie dolls, unique children's gifts can be tricky to find. These ideas are so cool, you'll be playing with them once the kids are in bed:

Send in a child's drawing to this incredible company, and they will send you back a plush toy of the picture come to life. 

The newest creation by Pillow Pets called Dreamlites is a great alternative to a nightlight. 

The Intellectual
We all have that one family member who sounds like they are reciting a dictionary every time they speak. To quench their thirst for knowledge, try these gift ideas:

Help your favorite brainiac keep up with the times with a sleek e-reader, like the Nook.

A magazine subscription like National Geographic will keep them informed.

The Chef
They spend hours in the kitchen making things for you and now it's time you returned the favor with something special this holiday season. Here are some gift ideas I've cooked up:

A gift card to Food Network's online store. Seriously. They have an awesome collection of cookbooks and tools that any foodie will love.

Any good cook knows you can never have too many fun aprons. This one is from Layla Grayce.

The Sports Fanatic
If you can pry them away from the big game long enough to open gifts, here are some ideas:

Sure, they have a million jerseys for their favorite teams. But do they have a phone skin? Yeah, that's what I thought.

The Slingbox may not look like much, but to sports fans, it is one of the greatest inventions ever. This little device allows them to watch games anywhere.

The Fashionista
If her handbag costs more than your mortgage, you've probably got a fashionista on your hands. And while she loves to shop, she can be impossible to shop for. Here are some ideas that won't max out your credit card:

Every stylish girl can appreciate a classic charm bracelet. And as a bonus, you can make it a holiday tradition to buy her a new charm each year. This one is from Juicy Couture.

A cashmere scarf is elegant and timeless. One size (and style!) fits all. 

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