Decorating on a Budget

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For years now, it has been my family tradition to spend Black Friday filling the house with Christmas cheer. And all that cheer can get expensive! Which is why I have learned some great money saving tricks for holiday decorating, and now I can pass all the  budget saavy ideas on to you. Happy decorating!

- Instead of splurging on some $50+ designer wreath, reach into your closet and pull out an old wire hanger. All this easy project takes is a ton of ornaments (the dollar store ones will work just fine), glue, and a ribbon. For complete instructions click here.

- Upgrade your boring (and cheap!) clear glass ornaments. Get creative and fill them with photos, tinsel, glitter, or other unique items. For the full glitter ornament tutorial click here.

- Display your holiday cards loud and proud! They are a great way to fill the space on a mantle or wall, and it's a constant reminder of friends and family around the holiday season. For display ideas click here.

- Tinsel garlands are super affordable and versatile. I hang mine over mirrors and doorways and use them to make wreaths. For tinsel wreath directions click here. 

- Find your decorations right in your backyard. Branches from pine trees and pine cones make great rustic decorations. For a more sleek look, try spray painting them in silver or gold. More ideas here.

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